« Sophrology, a life ally »

“Sophrology, a Greek term “SOS-PHREN-LOGOS” means the study of consciousness in balance.” Dr Alfonso Caycedo

The specificity of sophrology is to consider the human being as a whole.

This practice mobilizes the body and mind for a specific goal of physical and emotional well-being.

It takes into account past positive experiences to prepare for a project or a personal or professional event, by highlighting the resources and values of the person.

Thus, thanks to his conscience, the practitioner reveals a new perspective on himself and on existence, being fully subject to his life.

“Any positive action directed towards the body and mind has an impact on the being as a whole.” Dr. Alfonso  Caycedo


sophrologie perinatale anaissance Anaïs roland gosselin


“In this time around birth and beyond, born a baby but also parents, a family with its specific values”

In the preparation for childbirth and parenthood, Caycedian sophrology brings the necessary serenity before and after birth. This practice is aimed  at mothers as well as fathers..

The key word for pregnancy could be “transformation.” Indeed, the intense physical and psychological situations experienced by parents around the arrival of their child, requires constant adaptation. There are potentially many sources of stress.

During the perinatal period, sophrology is a way to prepare positively for the event and beyond, to be accompanied in one’sparenting life.

What’s in it for me ?

During a few sessions, through gentle mobilizations of the body and thought, Anaissance accompanies you in order to:

  • Favour relaxation of physical and emotional tensions
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Develop breathing and concentration skills
  • Manage the stress of “becoming a parent”
  • Strengthen confidence and self-esteem in this specific moment
  • Project yourself positively and serenely for childbirth to encounter baby and improve future parents life.
  • Discover tools to manage the pain inherent in contractions
  • Reclaiming your body gently
  • Promote physical recovery, the management of emotions inherent in hormonal variations
  • Optimizing the quality of rest times

Progress of a session:

A prenatal and postnatal session is structured as follows:

  • A time to speak before the session
  • The presentation of the intended objective and the proposed practices
  • It ends with a time of written or verbal restitution of the session experience and the incitement to personal training.

 This practice, given from the 4th month of pregnancy, and after the birth of a baby, is offered in the form of individual or groupsessions  of 1,5 h for the first session and 1 hour for follow-up sessions. Allow 4 to 8 sessions for a complete cycle.


“Being touched, massaged and caressed is food for the newborn – a food as necessary as vitamins, proteins and trace elements.” Dr Frédérick Leboyer

A practice to nourish affectivity: This term derives from the Latin “afficere” which means the ability to be touched. Thus “touching” in consciousness, strengthens affection and a sense of unity between body and mind: intention in gesture.

This practice is beneficial for parents who will take advantage of this time of sharing to relax, refocus, gradually integrate the physical and emotional experience related to the arrival of their baby.

What’s in it for me ?

  • Through a multi-sensory practice, massage reinforces the closeness and complicity between the parents and their baby, promoting his sense of security.
  • It helps baby integrate consciousness and the limits of his own body.
  • It can facilitate relaxation, sleep, can be a source of relief too, and stimulate some systems in baby balance.

Progress of a session:

This practice is organized in the form of workshops, at home or in dedicated practice locations, individually or collectively, for parents and their baby from the first weeks until the acquisition of the walk.

All parents and babies are welcome, except in case of medical contraindication.

A session is structured as follows:

  • A time to speak before the session
  • The presentation of the intended objective and the suggested practice
  • A time of movement practice
  • A time to exchange on a topic related to parenthood
  • It ends with a time of verbal restitution of the experience of the session and encouragement to the regular practice of massage.

The practice lasts 1 hour and 30 hours in a group session and 1 hour in a single session. Count 1 to 5 sessions (program adapted to parents’ needs and availability) for a full cycle.

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PAGE SOPHROLOGIE Mieux vivre son traitement médical

“No longer focusing on loss or fear but on new opportunities”

Sophrology allows you to prepare for a specific event by revealing and strengthening your own abilities to manage a situation as best as possible, regardless of the outcome.

When sophrology is practiced in conjunction with medical care to treat a pathology, it can optimize its effects.

What’s in it for me ?

  • For people who are about to undergo surgery: learning to manage fear, to live with pain, to consider a positive future.
  • For people in medical treatment: accept, manage and integrate in coordination with the doctor, his medical treatment.
  • Faced with a growing age, better face a new life and integrate the potential constraints in terms of mobility and physical limitations.
  • For people wishing improving sleep quality.
  • For people wishing improving the quality of food nutrition.

« Anaïs was wonderful, very calm and easy to get on with, she adapted well to mine and my baby’s needs putting us both at ease. The setting and layout of the room as well as the materials and handouts were excellent.
I loved learning how to observe
my baby, I found the chart on the periods of wakefulness, and
sleep states very valuable. The opportunity to exchange and
talk about issues around parenting and how massage could
help. I really loved the lullabies too!
I learnt to spot her tired signs which helped me when getting her to
nap in the day, I learnt that observing your baby and being in tune with them is key and that I have to relax too to be able to do this.
I learnt that the massage could be a nice ritual for her something that can be consistent wherever we are. It is a great tool to be close to her and see how she is feeling aswell as to relax her and me too.
It was really great as it was! Thank you Anais, I feel lucky to have
found you and this course and will recommend it to others ».

Jennifer M.

"Anaïs is very nice and open. The place of practice was well equipped with cushions, blankets, toys and practicing dolls and I just felt being welcome from the first moment.
Also her answering reaction time, the organization and preparation was exceptional! Being German, I really appreciated this! 😉
I appreciated the very relaxed atmosphere and open talks about babies’ general behaviors and how the massage can be a very nice tool of interacting with the baby in the daily life.
About my baby, I learnt a lot in terms of his body language and how to interpret his behavior.
Also in terms of his sleeping/transition/being awake phases.
In term of massage, I learnt that it can helps me to calm my son down and to interact with him on another way, besides playing with toys or singing.
He really enjoys getting a massage and we are practicing regularly so that it will eventually become a daily routine, soon."

Nadja G.

“ Thank you Anaïs ! I am very happy to have practiced sophrology during my pregnancy. I gave birth at 39weeks 5days under normal delivery. The contraction started from early in the morning and it went and out periodically. For more than 12hrs of contraction duration, I gave her birth within 30 mins. During my contraction, I posed what you had let me know in the class 😊 It was helpful to reduce the pain and feel confident and focused during the labor. I think that my positive feelings favored the process.”

Carol D.


PAGE SOPHROLOGIE Mieux vivre sa situation professionnelle

“In these turbulent times, regain appeasement and added value in his work”

Sophrology makes it possible to become aware of personal added value and to fully activate the emotional components necessary for a change or professional challenges.

What’s in it for me ? :

  • In a context of change of personal or professional life: becoming  aware of the positive aspects of personal past experiences.
  • strengthen the capacity for free choice for future commitments and thus establish a life project in line with its own values.
  • In a context of learning, training, professional retraining: learning to develop and strengthen personal abilities : concentration, perseverance, confidence, organization to optimize the achievement of personal objectives.

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PAGE SOPHROLOGIE mieux vivre sa créativité 1

“True Creativity Often Starts Where Language Stops”
– Arthur Koestler

Although, by nature, it is  difficult  to control, artistic, personal or professional creativity, it can be activated in a conducive environment and develop through the search for personal  truth.

Anaissance will allow you to set the scene for your creative ability.

What’s in it for me ? :

  • Take the necessary step back from a disruptive environment to unlock its creative potential
  • Finding an inner truth that will materialize through creative tools
  • Open new ways to evolve its creative production.

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Answer these 2 questions and take 10 minutes to experience your first sophrology experience:

1 – How do you feel about your body today?

Tense, tired, weak, heavy, painful, relaxed, energetic, light, moving ….

2 – What emotion or feeling do you feel?

Fear, anxiety, anger, disgust, irritability, joy, happiness, trust, affection …..

I propose with this mini-session of 10 minutes, to install in your body, feelings of well-being, in conscience.

You can share your experience by writing me few words. I would be happy to read you and, if you wish, to exchange on this subject.

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