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A découvrir : le témoignage d’une mère qui parlera sans doute à d’autres mères : ” J’ai dû reprendre mon travail 3 mois après mon accouchement et ça a été dure car je n’avais pas envie de « sortir de la bulle » que j’avais créée avec mon bébé. C’était un monde nouveau, j’avais peur de le laisser à une autre personne, j’étais frustrée de devoir arrêter l’allaitement car ça commençait à bien fonctionner. Extraire le lait, j’ai essayé et ça ne marchait pas, donc je n’ai pas insisté. Le premier mois a été très dure, j’avais l’impression, comme mon bébé, de passer d’un monde plein (ma bulle avec mon bébé) à un monde vide (on me le prenait). Pour lui, à son monde plein (mon ventre), lieu de plénitude, avait suivi un monde de vide à découvrir, mais où plein d’amour l’attendait pour l’aider à s’adapter, en douceur. Moi […]

If you’ve given birth before, you’ve probably heard of oxytocin – especially if you’re a breastfeeding mother. Oxytocin is the hormone that controls uterine contractions during labour, and helps with the milk ejection in breastfeeding. But this amazing neuropeptide is involved in so much more than just those two functions. Studies show that oxytocin is calming and can improve mood – it lowers your blood pressure and blocks stress hormones. It can help relieve inflammation and stimulate metabolic functions, like digestion and growth. It is present in females and males, and is active in social interactions. It brings about feelings of relaxation, selflessness, and love. World renown obstetrician, Michel Odent, says, “Whatever the facet of love we consider, oxytocin is involved.” And oxytocin may be the key to adapting to motherhood. Synthetic oxytocin, however, which is often used to induce or augment labour, does not act the same way in […]

The phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ is often used to describe a long, deep sleep. It’s certainly not a phrase used to describe the sleep of a real baby, which is anything but long and deep. After spending most of your life not really thinking about sleep, it will become your greatest obsession once you become a parent. Nothing can prepare you for the exhaustion of caring for a newborn baby. However, understanding more about your baby’s sleep can help you to cope with the tiredness, or at least know that it won’t last forever. Here are some important facts about babies and sleep: Baby Sleep Fact #1: Babies Have Different Sleep Patterns To Adults Your baby’s sleep habits do not follow the same pattern as yours. As your baby grows older, her sleep patterns will evolve and she will eventually adopt sleeping patterns similar to yours. Adult sleep cycles […]